Why use a water ski lake?

Safer and more enjoyable than the waters of Somerset Dam or Bribie Island. The Woodford Water Ski Lake is optimised so you get the most out of your time on the water. This means you can extend your ability and be assured of no nasty surprises.

Woodford 'PB' Tournament Wrap Up

Welcome to the new ski season at Bushy Brown's Adventure Ski Park

Hi There!
After a cold winter the weather is warming up so it's time to start thinking about the upcoming ski season.
we have a few updates for you here at Bushy Brown's Adventure Ski Park.
we are going to run 2 slalom comps on every third Sunday morning of the month, from Oct to March.
The comps will have a serious but fun focus and we will have rule changes such as mulligans, and wide ride ski classes, in addition to your regular divisions.
The Woodford International event will be returning in January, and we are hoping to make this a great event as it was with prizes and TV and newspaper coverage.
we are trialling a new booking system called "sports booker" where you will be able to see and book your slots online, and set up your own account. Have a look on www.bushys.sports-booker.com
You will see that there is two lakes listed, as the small lake is earmarked for a slider park.
You can still call or sms your bookings as well.
Also we are now offering the first of 10 annual half leases to families and groups who have their own tournament approved boats, to use the slalom course and jump every second day.
you will still have to book your slots online, to fit in with other users, and you can book 5 slots per day.
Contact us for more details and booking rules.
Finally a big congratulations to Jamie McDonald and Eamonn Prunty who trained here last season on their many gold medals at the recent Disabled World Championships in Ohio USA.

Joel Wing is coming to Bushy Brown's Adventure Ski Park

Australia's Best Joel Wing is coaching at Bushy Brown's Adventure Ski Park the weekend of the 9th and 10th April 2011. Perfect opportunity to be coached by an elite athlete behind a Malibu Response LXI (official tow boat for the State and National titles) and use the latest technology of zero off.

COST : $70 per set or a ticket plus $25

make the most out of this fanatastic opportunity to brush up on your talents with the help of the talented Joel Wing. Bookings are essential and can be done through our website http://www.waterskilake.com.au/ or if more information is required please call Bushy on 0419 575 032.